Military Working Dogs


The use of dogs in the military goes far back into history. Military dogs have historically been used as attack animals or guards. More recently, their uses have broadened to include detection and tracking and using their nose to find various targets from bombs to lost individuals. Military working dogs can have many jobs! Bomb Read more


Boxer Breed Info for New Dog Owners


The Boxer originally comes from Germany. They are a mix of bulldog and mastiff lines, creating a strong, smart, protective dog. They are not instinctively aggressive, but can be very protective of their families. Adult Boxers weigh between 50-70 pounds. They have a strong, muscular physique, known for the distinct “hourglass” shape coming from their Read more


Socializing a New Puppy

You brought home a new puppy, congratulations! If you want an adult dog that is happy to go places with you and accept any new situations, you need to socialize your puppy. Socializing a new puppy is important, but doesn’t have to involve too much time. Little bits done everyday can add up. Introducing puppy Read more