Boxer Breed Info for New Dog Owners

The Boxer originally comes from Germany. They are a mix of bulldog and mastiff lines, creating a strong, smart, protective dog. They are not instinctively aggressive, but can be very protective of their families.

Adult Boxers weigh between 50-70 pounds. They have a strong, muscular physique, known for the distinct “hourglass” shape coming from their deep ribcage. Many Boxers still have their tails and ears docked.

Many animal rights groups are attempting to get laws changed so this practice is abolished.

The Boxer is intelligent, loyal, and a very energetic and active breed. Because of their heritage, they make great family dogs and will be protective. They are distrustful of strangers.

Good, comprehensive socialization is recommended for this breed. Puppies should be exposed to other dogs, cats, children, and many people. Boxers tend to do best with a companion and they tolerate small dogs well.

They do have a reputation for not getting along well with other large dog breeds, specifically those of the same sex. They do have a reputation for being stubborn, but this is likely more to do with a poor obedience training program.

If given correct socialization and obedience, Boxers make great dogs and easily integrate with other dogs and people.

Best lifestyle for this breed

The Boxer is a high energy, active, large breed dog. They do best in situations where they will get regular exercise to help them burn off their excessive energy. Boxers make great agility dogs.

They are also occasionally used in the military or as service dogs. Like most purebred dogs, Boxers do suffer from several ailments. They are known for having heart problems and hip dysplasia. Also due to their head shape and compressed nose, Boxers do not handle heat very well.

They can overheat very easily, so it’s best not to cause them any physical stress when the temperatures are high.