How to Keep Your Dog from Eating Poop

Yes, it’s true. Dogs eat poop. Sometimes their own, sometimes someone else’s. How do you prevent this distasteful habit?

Pick up the dog poop

The easiest way to prevent your dog from eating his own poop or that of his housemate is to pick up the poop right after it’s deposited. This is by far the easiest method, however sometimes you are not always there when your dog poops. By removing the poop, your dog never has a chance to consume it.

Products obtained from your vet

Veterinarians sell a few different types of products that are aimed at preventing your dog from eating dog poop. These products are fed to your dog with their regular meals or sprinkled on the dog poop itself to make it unpalatable. These products have varying success rates and are highly dependent on your dogs taste.

Many dogs are not affected at all by these anti-poop eating products. Some dogs may even find the taste to be an improvement. It can take some time to determine if this method is not working as it involves, in some cases, the dog eating the supplement and having it build up enough in their system to effect the taste of the poop.

Human food products

If professional products fail, there is always sprinkling black pepper or hot sauce on the poop in an effort to deter your dog from eating it. Using this method amounts to a training method of sorts, trying to create a negative association for the dog with eating poop.

This is probably the most labor-intensive method of the three only because you have to be diligent about making sure that each pile of poop has an appropriate amount of deterrent pepper  or hot sauce on it.

Then there are always the dogs that find the pepper or hot sauce to be an added bonus to the poop. In that case, your only option is to pick up the poop before the dog eats it.