Socializing a New Puppy

You brought home a new puppy, congratulations! If you want an adult dog that is happy to go places with you and accept any new situations, you need to socialize your puppy. Socializing a new puppy is important, but doesn’t have to involve too much time. Little bits done everyday can add up.

Introducing puppy to new people

First you need to get your puppy socialized to new people or strangers. The easiest way to do this is to have friends and family come to your house to visit your new puppy. Once the puppy has had all of its puppy vaccinations, you can also take your puppy to public places to help introduce him to new people and new situations.

Introducing puppy to cats

Another important socialization component for your new puppy is socializing them to cats or small animals. Because dogs are predators, they instinctually may pursue or chase small, fast-moving animals like cats, rabbits, or other small dogs. You want to find a cat that is not fearful of dogs to properly socialize your puppy. A cat that is easy-going and will tolerate some puppy silliness is a great choice. If the cat disciplines the puppy gently, all the better. Your puppy should learn to respect a cat, not fear it or want to eat it. This can be difficult with some breeds that have a high prey drive.

Introducing other dogs

If you want your puppy to be able to socialize with other dogs as an adult, you need to socialize them to new dogs as a puppy. Find a friend or family member that has a dog that’s very kind and patient. The puppy needs to learn some manners and only another dog can best provide that education.

Introducing puppy to new places

The world can be very scary and daunting for a little puppy. It’s important to take your puppy to new locations to introduce them to things like cars, loud noises, etc. Depending on the temperament of your puppy, you may have to start out with a quiet place is like a park or your neighborhood. Once the puppy is less fearful, you can take them to busier places to get them used to crowds and noises.