Wireless Fences for Dogs

Wireless Fences for Dogs

Wireless dog fence is our a great alternative to a standard fence. They can be faster and cheaper to build, and sometimes more effective in containing your dog. Oddly enough a wireless fence has a wire! A wireless fence works by burying a wire in the ground. The dog wears a special collar that alerts the dog when they’re getting close to the buried wire. Most wireless fencing systems alert the dog with an audible tone. If the dog continues to approach the buried wire, the dog is usually given a small electric shock.

Benefits of wireless fences for dogs

Wireless fences are inexpensive when compared to the cost of building a standard fence. A wireless fence also allows you to enclose a much larger area for less expense. Some dogs do not stay in standard fencing because they either dig out or climb out. A wireless fence is typically electrified and dogs that are usually escape artists stay inside them. Wireless fences can enclose your entire property, giving your dog run of the front and back yards without you having to invest in build expensive and labor intensive fencing.

Problems with wireless fences for dogs

One problem with a wireless fences is if you lose power, the fence becomes inoperable. Another problem with wireless fences is that sometimes there is a small break in the containment field and the dog will determine this and escape through it. Also some dogs do not obey the warning tones given by the collar or the electric shock and simply run through the electric fence no matter what. With a dog like that, you’re best choice is getting a full enclosed outdoor kennel. Wireless fences do have some limitations with the size of the area they can enclose. Many people erroneously think they can give their dogs acres and acres of land to run on, but most consumer sized wireless fence systems simply are not powerful enough to enclose such vast areas of land.